Marble & Limestone

Marble and Limestone

We clean, hone, polish, protect and maintain marble and limestone throughout the Detroit / Southeast MI area. 

At Michigan Stone and Surface Care, we understand marble and limestone. These stones, like all other types of natural stone, need care and maintenance. Marble and limestone are generally a softer, calcium-based stone, susceptible to scratching, etching (acid damage), and dulling with time and use. We can repair, refinish, protect and restore marble and limestone, making it look elegant once again.

Refinishing Marble Floors and Surfaces

We can restore your marble or limestone, whether we are refinishing your existing polished or matte finish, evening out an inconsistent finish, or changing the finish from polished to honed (matte or satin) or vice versa.

Lippage Removal / Grinding

Uneven tiles look bad and create a trip hazard. Michigan Stone and Surface Care can grind the stone (a process called lippage removal) to create a flat, level surface. In addition, our diamond grinding technology can bring your tiles more level with grout lines for easier cleaning.

Sealing Marble

Michigan Stone and Surface Care can apply a high quality sealer to enhance stain resistance. We do provide stain removal services, and most stains can be removed, but the process can be time consuming, expensive and frustrating. Sealing is an inexpensive way to inhibit staining.

Marble and Limestone Repair

We can repair chips, holes or cracks in your marble or limestone. Don't replace your stone. We blend the repair site with the surrounding area, honing and polishing it to match the surrounding finish. We also provide tile replacement services if a tile is damaged beyond repair.

Ask about our ongoing maintenance services for marble and limestone!

To request a consultation and estimate on marble and limestone stone repair, polishing, and restoration services in Oakland, Wayne, and Macomb Counties, fill out our online contact form or call 248-925-0082 today.