We clean, polish, repair and seal granite throughout Detroit / Southeast MI 

If your granite is dirty or dull-looking, scratched, etched, cracked, chipped, or otherwise damaged, don’t replace it! Michigan Stone and Surface Care provides cleaning, polishing, restoration and protection services that can make a world of difference.

Michigan Stone and Surface Care provides complete granite care and professional maintenance services for countertops, walls, and other surfaces for residential and commercial clients.

Granite Countertops

Aside from floors, countertops are the second most used surface in your home, lobby, or breakroom. We repair chipped granite, filling in the gap and refinishing so that only you will ever know there was a chip. Scratched or dull-looking granite can be restored to the same beauty and elegance as newly installed tops. Etch marks (often mistakenly called "water rings") can't be cleaned away, but they can be virtually erased through our expert restoration services. We can take care of your cleaning, sealing, and all other granite countertop needs.

Repair and Replacement

We can repair chipped, cracked, or broken granite tiles. If a tile is beyond repair, we can replace it, matching the existing finish as closely as possible.

Cleaning and Sealing

The easiest way to keep granite clean is with periodic professional deep cleaning services. Once your granite surfaces are cleaned and restored, we may recommend you have us seal them to enhance their stain resistance. Although we provide stain removal services, granite stain removal can be a time consuming, expensive and often frustrating process. Sealing is an inexpensive, preventative measure.

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